Full Mouth Reconstruction

The loss of one to several teeth can cause an inability to chew or speak effectively.  It can also lead to a collapse of your bite, or vertical dimension of occlusion.  This can cause stress on your jaw joint, facial muscles, and an overal reduction of the facial contours and symmetry, giving an older appearance.  Moreover, when the entire dentition has been worn down or altered due to occlusal disease or faulty old dentistry, full mouth reconstruction may be needed to restore the original dentition or recreate a better, more esthetic and functional dentition.  Dr.  Haddad is a graduate from the Kois Center of Advanced Dentistry in Seattle, and has restored many dentitions using the philosophies and techniques learned at this Prosthodontic program.  Once an occlusal analysis is determined, full mouth reconstruction may be what is necessary to resolve many of the dental issues at hand.  Implants, implant supported prostheses, crowns, bridges and veneers can be used as options for patients.  Many times, transitional or temporary dentistry can also be applied when patients are unable to complete the entire full mouth treatment protocol.  Once the occlusion or bite is stabilized, and the esthetics are managed, the reconstruction can occur in phases thereafter, allowing the patient to feel comfortable functionally and financially. Our in-office Smileography studio offers computer enhanced before and after pictures prior to any treatment rendered as an initial guide for patients before any treatment is rendered.  Color, shape and size of teeth can be chosen by the patient with the guidance of Dr. Haddad to achieve the maximum esthetic result for that patient's smile and face.