Dr. Dar Radfar has just become a Medicare provider for certain dental procedures!

His passion for helping patients over the age of 65 stems from his work within the Ventura county community in treating Sleep Apnea and Snoring.

He has treated hundreds of Medicare patients for Sleep Apnea and when Medicare approved his office for certain dental procedures to be covered, he jumped at the opportunity. Dr. Radfar, has been serving Thousand Oaks and the surrounding areas for 17 years.




Dr Radfar is an international speaker on how oral health can affect the total body health. From routine cleanings to dental implants, he is skilled in all facets of dentistry. In addition, he is highly sought after by corporations, organizations, and transportation services to help spread awareness to their employees who are a affected by poor oral health and sleep apnea. His office incorporates digital x-rays to reduce the amount of radiation, and a camera that scans your teeth, eliminating the need for gooey impressions. He looks forward to meeting more members of the community by providing a complimentary consult for all Medicare patients.